Sunday, January 24, 2010

We should have seen it coming.

Poor Cameron, almost seven years ago the entire family was looking forward to his arrival, well almost everybody. Avery (insert spooky music here) his 2 yr old sister was blissfully happy being an only child and really did not see the need for a baby brother. When Cameron made his appearance Avery did the obligatory kiss the new baby on the cheek photos but you could tell her heart just wasn't in this whole share the spotlight thang. Our suspicions were confirmed a few weeks later when Cameron was laying on the floor next to Eddie while she was folding clothes. Eddie looked up just in time to see Avery heading towards Cameron with an uplifted wooden spoon. Now we don't know for sure she was going to pummel her new baby brother with the spoon. In fact she may have been on her way to the kitchen to stir up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then there was the time Eddie was emptying the dishwasher and when she turned around to check on Cameron he had a dirty face, like he had been eating an Oreo. However, there wasn't an Oreo in the house and after investigating a little further Eddie found a spoon next to a potted plant, a pile of soil and a suspiciously dirty older sister. Yes, his big sister had fed him dirt from the potted plants. As they became older Cameron learned to hold his own and Avery learned having a brother is not all bad. Now they are actually friends...sometimes. This brings us to Cameron's latest injury. Avery had a pair of very heavy binoculars around her neck and as Cameron stood up, she leaned over and bonked Cameron right square in the forehead resulting in lots of tears (Avery and Cameron) a pool of blood (Cameron) and a trip to the ER. Cameron, we are sorry, we should have seen it coming.


ga.farmwoman said...

I hope Cameron and his head is feeling better now. And Avery too.

Mama said when my baby brother was a couple of weeks old, she saw peanut butter and jelly biscuit sticking out of his mouth. I was 2 at the time and the only one around. Plus I just happened to be eating a peanut butter and jelly biscuit. But I haven't confessed...yet.

Get well soon Cameron!


Tipper said...

Oh the love between siblings : )

Hope he's feeling better now. Loved the posts below too-I still think you could do stand up comedy.

grannyann said...

Lots of sibling stories - and all with loving (uh) injuries. Hope Cameron gets rid of his headache.