Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She looks good in black & blue.

Several friends have asked me if I think Eddie will be down very long. She is making progress but oh my goodness, she is so sore and and something as basic as a shampoo and shower are major ordeals involving trash bags, duct tape and consume most of the morning. It it isn't broken, it's skinned. If it isn't skinned or broken then it hurts. Thank goodness she is young and healthy as I am sure that will help in her recovery. If that had been me (yes, I know that I haven't ridden a bicycle in 30 yrs) all you would have had to to is put a headstone up right there on the sidewalk because there is no way I would have ever gotten up again. My Eddie is doing better and thank you all for asking.


ga.farmwoman said...

Oh that looks painful.
Eddie I sure hope you feel better soon.
And Jan, I am glad you are staying off those bikes.
Take care.

Susie said...

Eddie, hurry up and get feeling better! You're in my prayers! I had an accident on a bike too. I got hit by a truck but you got hurt far worse than I did! My youngest daughter made me swear to never ride a bike again:) Tell your Mom not to change those sheets on the bunk beds anymore! Otherwise you may have to take care of her for awile! Get well sweetie!

tipper said...

Eddie wishing you easy movement and a painfree day! I'm with you, Jan, I'd still be on the pavement!

Caution Flag said...

Oh, she was horribly injured! I better step up those prayers a bit.